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Mobile users can expect relief from 'spoof international calls'

May 30, 2024

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New Delhi: The department of telecommunications (DoT) and mobile operators devised a system that can identify and block spoof international calls showing up as Indian numbers.

Through this, the government and telcos are seeking to give relief to mobile users who have been getting such calls from cyber criminals posing as police officials, courier company workers and even DoT and Trai officials.

Hoax international calls originate outside the country, but cyber criminals manipulate the calling line identity (CLI) to make such calls appear as originating within India. The DoT has directed telecom carriers to block such calls.

DoT noted that fraudsters are making international spoofed calls displaying Indian mobile numbers to Indian citizens and committing cyber-crime and financial fraud.

“These calls appear to be originating within India but being made by cyber-criminals from abroad by manipulating the CLI. Such international spoofed calls have been misused in recent cases of fake digital arrests, FedEx scams, drugs/narcotics in courier (shipments), impersonation as government and police officials, disconnections of mobile numbers by DoT/Trai officials, etc,” DoT said in a statement.

After getting many complaints, DoT and telecom service providers (TSPs) devised a system to identify and block such incoming international spoofed calls from reaching any Indian telecom subscriber. “Now directions have been issued to the TSPs for blocking of such incoming international spoofed calls,” DoT said.

Incoming international spoofed calls with Indian landline numbers have been already blocked by TSPs following directions by DoT.

As safety and security of users is an integral part of the government’s Digital India vision, DoT has taken many initiatives including citizen-centric Sanchar Saathi portal to protect telecom users. “Despite best efforts, there may still be some fraudsters who succeed through other means,” DoT said, adding that for such calls, consumers can report them at the Chakshu facility on Sanchar Saathi.

The department is also using artificial intelligence (AI) analysis through various modules like Sanchar Saathi and Chakshu among others to clamp down on fraudulent connections.


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