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Europe Goes Digital: Online Schengen Visa Application Process Coming Soon!

May 9, 2024
International Affairs

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Travelling to Europe is about to become a breeze! The European Union (EU) is revolutionizing the Schengen visa application process by taking it completely online. This means no more in-person appointments and a faster, smoother experience for frequent travellers.

Certain consulates were favoured due to their perceived efficiency, contributing to uneven application distribution. The proposed digitalization of the Schengen visa process aims to address these disparities and streamline accessibility. People tend to apply to specific consulates perceived to have an easier application process. This creates an uneven distribution of workloads, leading to bottlenecks in certain consulates.

This will not only save travellers valuable time but also create a more consistent application experience across all Schengen member States. However, ensuring efficient border security without causing delays or additional burdens on transportation operators is crucial. The EU’s digitalization efforts demonstrate a commitment to keeping pace with a rapidly changing industry, ultimately making travel to Europe easier and more enjoyable for everyone specially Entrepreneurs.

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